CNS Consulting

The APS National Schedule

The fees charged by psychologists at CNS Consulting are based on the National Schedule of  Recommended Fees of the Australian Psychological Society [APS]. www.psychology.org.au

For treatment sessions, psychologists at CNS Consulting charge 80% of the recommended fees of the APS National Schedule but payment is required on the day of service.

The APS recommended fee from 1 July 2019 until 30 June 2020 for a standard consultation of between 46 minutes and one hour is $254.00 [plus GST, if applicable]. Psychologists at CNS Consulting charge 80% of APS recommended fee. For a standard treatment session rhe fee is fixed at $196.00 per hour.  Medicare provides a rebate of $126.50 per session for up to 10 sessions per calendar year for treatment of certain mental health conditions under a GP Mental Health Treatment Plan. Fees for psychological treatment are usually not subject to GST. 

For information on fees for other services such as educational/cognitive or neuropsychological assessment and report preparation, please contact Pat Kent (adult assessments).

The Return to Work Schedule

For clients with injuries from workplace or motor vehicle accidents, whose fees are paid by the insurer, psychologists at CNS Consulting charge fees based on the South Australian Return to Work Schedule, as required by SA legislation. The 2019 WorkCover Schedule can be inspected by using the menu to your left.

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CNS Consulting
Suite 10, 311 Glen Osmond Rd.
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(08) 8379 8300
CNS Consulting is located just 5 km from the Adelaide GPO. Free parking is available



Email: jas@cnsconsulting.com.au   pat@patriciakentpsychology.com.au

Psychologists at CNS consulting are nationally registered and are  Members of the Australian Psychological Society.

Psychologists at CNS Consulting subscribe fully to APS ethical standards and the ethical standards and practices required by the Psychology Board of Australia